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Axiory Intelligence is proud to boast a talented and professional market research, analysis, and education team led by Tomasz Wisniewski. With their expertise and constant monitoring of the markets, they provide daily video updates, tech and fundamental analysis, market news, webinars, trading sessions, educational content, and all the great content that keeps Axiory Intelligence viewers always in-the-know. 


Tomasz Wisniewski | Executive Director


Get a front-row seat to learn from one of the most experienced and seasoned traders in town. Tomasz has been an active part of the markets since 2008, starting his experience as an equity trader on the Warsaw Stock Exchange before joining the Forex world.

Tomasz is a highly sought after market analyst and educator with stints in some of the biggest brokers including Alpari, Admiral Markets, and TMS Brokers, Poland’s oldest currency brokerage house.

During his career, Tomasz has held over 400 webinars, live seminars, lectures, online training courses, and live trading sessions, across the globe in addition to his experience as an academic lecturer at Poland’s prestigious Kozminski University.

Tomasz tends to prefer a technical approach to trade, mainly price action, with very strict money management rules. He believes that the most important thing in trading is your mind, so it’s much better to focus on trading psychology than to look for the Holy Grail of trading systems.


Roberto d’Ambrosio | Senior Analyst and Trading Mentor


Sitting at the helm of Axiory’s dedicated broker, Axiory Global, of which he is the CEO and Director, is Roberto d’Ambrosio with a long history in the fintech industry and in leading global brokerage firms. With a background and continued specialization in risk management and compliance, Roberto has been involved in the set-up and management of all core processes of Axiory Global and is an integral part of the Axiory Intelligence team as a contributor to our content and market commentary. 

Roberto is well recognized and respected in the FX industry both in the EU and globally. His experience stems from his hands-on knowledge of trading as an algorithmic trader who has been involved in hedge fund investment and risk management advisory. 

In addition to his many roles leading companies to success, he’s also been known as a trading and investment mentor and educator, having held many educational seminars worldwide. His well-seasoned knowledge and passion for the industry and for Axiory make him an invaluable member of the team.



Peter Bukov | Market Analyst 


Peter comes from a background in corporate finance which began in 2013 when he completed the Corporate Finance Program at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He’s been actively involved in the market sector since 2008 and got his hands-on experience in trading in 2011. 

His experience in finance and trading continues not only as a market analyst at Axiory Intelligence but also through his studies to obtain a degree in Capital Markets. The study is in line with MIFID II regulations and is under the supervision of the European Regulator ESMA, which strongly emphasizes ethics and morale in investing and working with a client. 

In addition, Peter was awarded the title of ASCI from the CISI Educational Institute of England where he is an associate member and the Bloomberg Aptitude Test results ranked him among the top 4% worldwide two years in a row.