Axiory Intelligence 

Editorial Guidelines 

Axiory Intelligence prides itself on unique articles and material prepared by an in-house team of analysts and trading experts, with years of experience in the industry. Everything published on our website is prepared, analyzed, and presented by our own team and specially designed for traders. Our consistent excellence comes from a set of guidelines that echoes across every corner of our office. 


Enhancing Traders’ Experience Across the Globe

After many years in the industry, we knew what the next step was; building a news portal with the sole purpose of enhancing the trading experience for every trader across the globe. With around the clock market coverage, webinars, educational articles, market alerts, and much more, we aim to provide a space for traders to pick up knowledge and make better, informed trading decisions. 

All content on Axiory Intelligence is free-of-charge and accessible to any trader, investor, or financial enthusiast. Over time, our aim is to see this space become the go-to-website for traders, where all trading-related information exists in one, easy to navigate, space. 

Setting up a dedicated company to deliver quality, unbiased, independent analysis is Axiory’s way of contributing to the growth of traders and ultimately to their success.

Reliable & Trustworthy

First and foremost our news is designed to present reliable, verified facts along with analysis from our analysts’ point of view, based on charts, fundamentals, and various factors that lead to a conclusion on the potential movements of assets. However, we clarify at every step of the way that the markets are unpredictable, and even the best analysis cannot accurately predict what’s next. In other words, with Axiory Intelligence, you’ll get as close as possible to understanding the markets based on which you can make informed decisions on your next trade. 


Relevant & Timely 

Expect minute-by-minute news because in trading, every minute matters. Our team monitors the markets, economic events, news releases, political changes, and many factors that can potentially affect your trades, around the clock. Our market coverage is designed to bring you the latest and most relevant news as soon as it happens. With Axiory Intelligence you can rely on our information all the time, every time. 


By Traders for Traders 

Our biggest advantage is that our analysts are traders. Watching the markets is one thing, trading them is another. Our team consists of expert analysts, market researchers, and educators who at the heart of it all, are traders, they understand what traders need to know, and how traders need their news delivered to make swift connections between the news and trading decisions.


Education is the Foundation of Success  

Beyond market news, we strongly believe that education is the foundation of success, which is why our team offers webinars, articles, and a growing trading academy, designed to nurture both beginners and seasoned traders, taking them to the next level.