BioNTech sheds 1.58% within $155.09 to $158.76 daily range

Published: November 25 2022, 11:51 GMT+0

BioNTech sheds 1.58% within $155.09 to $158.76 daily range

Investors are currently sidelined due to the Thanksgiving holiday but will return to their desks today. Looking back over the previous session Wednesday: pronounced bearish market sentiment ensured that the biotechnology company made a notable 1.58% loss Wednesday, declining $2.5 and ultimately closing at $156.23.

  • Wednesday's trading volume was 606,213 shares which is under the 21-day average of 1 million.

The US stock market is set to reconvene later today following Thanksgiving in 2 hours time. Nasdaq went up by 0.99% and closed at 11,300. BioNTech ended the day at $156.23, doing worse than the Healthcare sector which saw a 0.732% increase this session.

BioNTech hit a significant low of $118.43 around a month ago, but has since recovered 34.03%. So far in 2022, it has been outperforming the Nasdaq by 8.43%. The company has a market cap of $37.91 billion with an average daily volume of 1 million shares. BioNTech expected revenue of $2 billion with an EPS of $3.66.

On the other hand, positive performances could be seen by looking at other health care stocks as Novo Nordisk was up 2.12%. Medtronic added 1.4% to its value, and traded at $79. Abbott Laboratories was up 1.1%.