Find which stocks outperformed despite Friday's bearish mood

Published: March 19 2023, 14:07 GMT+0

Find which stocks outperformed despite Friday's bearish mood

Against the current: Markets slid, yet Teleflex Inc, Green Thumb Industries Inc., Tilray, Inc. went up and made this list of Friday's top healthcare stocks gainers.

Leading equity indices in the US declined as Dow Jones shed 1.19% and closed at 31,862. After dropping 1.1%, S&P 500 closed at 3,916.64.

Even though markets fell Friday, some healthcare stocks were bullish. Have a look at these Top Gainers from Friday's session:

Tilray | Up 1.16% to $2.61 Friday

Tilray rose 3 cents to close at $2.61 Friday which makes for a move of 1.16%.

Teleflex | Closed +1.56% at $235.84

This year has been a gloomy one for the critical surgery enabler after trading as high as $354.83 and going on to lose 10.35% of its value. So far this year, it has been under-performing the S&P 500 by 11.15%. Teleflex's market cap currently stands at $11 billion with an average daily volume of 348,825 shares. $758.00 million was Teleflex's last reported revenue with $3.52 being the current EPS.

Green Thumb Industries | +2.82% in pre-market trade with 23 hours until open

While Green Thumb Industries was in the midst of a 7 day downtrend— in which it lost a total of 5.89%— Friday may indicate a change of direction; Green Thumb Industries improves 1.49% to close at $8.17 Friday.