PSQ improves 5.05 cents (0.37%) to trade at $13.65

Published: January 25 2023, 19:20 GMT+0

PSQ improves 5.05 cents (0.37%) to trade at $13.65

Tentatively higher from an earlier low of $13.64, ProShares Short QQQ is up to $13.65 today, adding 5.05 cents, or 0.37%, to yesterday's closing price of $13.6.

So far this year, ProShares Short QQQ has declined 8.23% while touching highs around $15.25 earlier this year.

Other markets are also showing gains as AT&T is up 6.08% to $20.32.

Meanwhile, NextEra Energy is down to $77.6, losing $6.3, after closing at $83.9 in the preceding trading session. HDFC Bank Limited is down $3.74 from the beginning of the session and now trades around $67.7.