Axiory Voted the Best Education Provider by Global Traders at the Fxdaily Awards 2021

Traders have spoken, and they’ve chosen Axiory as the Best Education provider at the Fxdaily 2021 awards. Just under a year since the launch of Axiory Intelligence, which was established by Axiory as an independent news and education provider for the entire trading community, we relish the response we’ve received and being crowned by the ultimate award.

As far as education goes, credit must be given to Tomasz Wisniewski and his exceptional team of analysts and educators. During his time as Head of Education at our dedicated broker Axiory Global, Tomasz built the Axiory Trading Academy and mentored traders of all levels. In his new role as CEO at Axiory Intelligence, he continues to provide education and mentorship to a larger audience that’s no longer limited to Axiory Global traders. 

I think that traders choose our educational methods because our educators are passionate professionals who have years of hands-on experience in trading. At Axiory, we don’t have educators who’ve read the books without experiencing the emotions and excitement of trading. We’ve put together a team of traders who are passionate about what they do, and trading is their way of life,said Axiory Intelligence CEO Tomasz Wisniewski

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Tomasz has led Axiory Intelligence to great success over the last year with countless articles, webinars, and trading events that were available for the entire trading community. 

I know Tomasz long enough not to be surprised by what he and his team have achieved for our firm. Still, I am extremely proud of the extraordinary quality of their work,said Axiory Global CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio.

This award just confirms that we were right in focusing on education and investing resources in creating an independent, unbiased team of specialists such as the one in Axiory intelligence. This is our way to give back to the traders’ community, helping it grow in knowledge and awareness, in line with the core values of our firm.

Along with his team, Tomasz has helped us create unique events which were well-received by the industry, giving traders value for the time they dedicate to us. In the ‘Trade Like a Boss’ event, we treated traders to a 1 ebook and 3 webinars interactive experience, where they enjoyed a detailed ebook on how to improve their trading skills, followed by a deeper dive into the topics over a series of webinars with Tomasz himself. 

Similarly, the ‘Clash of Traders’ event was an echoing success in the industry and among viewers who watched Tomasz go head to head with Axiory Global CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio in a live trading battle. Clash of Traders gave viewers first-row-seats to observe professional traders at their finest. The event’s success has led to demand for a follow-up which is now in the making. 

We deliver education in a friendly way, making the process of learning as simple as possible. Learning is a journey and we don’t overwhelm traders with complexities they can’t handle. Our motto is to remain simple but completely effective. Thanks to our traders who continue to choose us as their education provider, and those who voted for us at the fxdaily awards, we will continue tocreate more great projects, events, and educational content.said Tomasz

In addition to the Best Education Provider award, our dedicated broker, Axiory Global, was awarded Best Forex Broker CFDs at the Fxdaily awards.