Axiory Intelligence 

Intelligent, Relevant Market Coverage 


Axiory Intelligence is a market news and analysis provider that offers optimized, up-to-date coverage of the global financial markets. Led and managed by a group of financial experts with years of experience in the industry, Axiory Intelligence provides unique content from an in-house team of renowned market researchers, analysts, and educators. 


Our coverage of a wide range of financial assets including currencies, commodities, energies, metals, Indices, Stocks and ETFs, as well as economic events and indicators, offers investors and traders a trustworthy and reliable source of information to help them make informed decisions. 


We strive to offer viewers the most important and relevant news in one place, making their market research simpler and faster. Our user-friendly interface provides a large amount of video content and video updates, viewers can opt-in for market alerts, and news can be easily optimized and filtered to cater to each trader’s preferences.


Our updates range from quick market bites to lengthy in-depth articles and analyses of financial products and economic events. In addition, a library of educational content is available to assist all market enthusiasts. 


In-House Market Research and Analysis Team 


Axiory Intelligence has put together an outstanding team of experienced traders, market researchers and analysts who offer unique insights into the financial markets through outlooks, a daily market watch, NFP watch, financial news, technical and market analyses, and many more reports that you can’t find anywhere else. 


Our team is highly involved in the financial markets and their knowledge is derived from years of hands-on experience in trading and investing. Their skills offer our viewers insights from within & without the financial market, combining market research and analysis but also taking into consideration the real repercussions of trading based on that research. This adds a layer of authenticity and a connection between our team and traders. 


Every piece of information published on Axiory Intelligence is unique, timely, and designed to help traders swiftly find essential information at all times. 


A Growing Forex Trading Academy 


Traders can depend on Axiory Intelligence for forex education through an ever-growing Forex Trading Academy.  The education hub is designed and managed by some of the most brilliant traders and educators in the industry. 


We will constantly update the academy to continue helping traders of all levels, from beginners to advanced, because knowledge is a fundamental,  ever-lasting skill.