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Stock of the day: Bank of America

Today, we zoom into an intriguing situation unfurling at Bank of America. As we’re all aware, the […]

Stock of the Day

A Crucial Test for DAX at 15,500 Points

Good morning, traders! As we sail into the final trading day of the week, let’s first reflect […]

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Axiory Market Commentary With Tomasz Wisniewski | September 21

In his latest market commentary, Tomasz delves into the hawkish shift from the FED on Wednesday, and […]

Daily Market Updates

Dow Jones Faces Critical Test Amidst Hawkish Fed Stance

The focus of today’s technical analysis is firmly on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (often colloquially referred […]

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Stock of the day: ENEL

ENEL, a name that has been on the radar for market enthusiasts, is currently showcasing a classic […]

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Hawkish Tones from the FED: Indices Waver, USD Rises

Following the anticipation surrounding the Federal Reserve’s decision, outcomes largely played out as expected. The interest rates […]

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FOMC Approaches. How Will USDJPY Respond?

Hello traders. Diving deep into the technicalities, today’s spotlight is on the American dollar to Japanese yen. […]

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Traders Edge: Market Briefing 20/09/23

In today’s Trader’s Edge Market Briefing, Tomasz has identified the following unique setups that may catch your […]

Traders Edge

Stock of the day: AIG

Amidst the general market flux, one instrument that stands out with bullish fervor on the American stock […]

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