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Rate Decision Day. What to Expect from the Fed’s Big Announcement?

Welcome traders to this Wednesday review. Today stands as the pivotal point in this week’s macro calendar, […]

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Gold’s Bullish Dance and the Rally Beyond the Flag

Today’s spotlight falls squarely on gold, the venerable metal whose recent performance is nothing short of bullish. […]

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Stock of the day: Alibaba

The e-commerce giant, Alibaba, offers a salient lesson in market unpredictability this September. For those monitoring its […]

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Axiory Market Commentary With Tomasz Wisniewski | September 19

In his recent market commentary, Tomasz provides a summary of the RBA meeting minutes and their impact […]

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Oil’s Relentless Ascent. Can We Anticipate the $100 Milestone?

We are inching ever closer to the key events of the week, and today’s calendar does not […]

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How Will the Dueling Trendlines Shape the AUDUSD’s Next Move?

Today, we shift our focus to the Australian dollar against the American dollar, an intriguing pair currently […]

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Stock of the day: Microsoft

Today, we delve deep into the intricacies of Microsoft’s chart movements, which garnered substantial attention last Friday […]

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Weekly Market Commentary | 18.09 – 24.09

Curious to know what’s happening on the markets this week? Take a quick tour of the latest […]

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Traders’ Gaze Fixed on Central Banks as Monday Begins Calmly

Hello traders, and welcome to another exciting week in the financial markets. This week promises to be […]

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