A Neckline Away: EURUSD’s Bullish Prospect on the Horizon

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: October 10 2023, 09:41 GMT+0

A Neckline Away: EURUSD’s Bullish Prospect on the Horizon


The EURUSD, a prominent pair in the Forex market, finds itself in an interesting predicament, showcasing a pattern that has garnered notable attention from traders and analysts alike. The technical landscape reveals an inverse head and shoulders formation coalescing at the bottom of the chart (yellow), signaling that EURUSD might be cooking up something quite promising for participants with a keen eye.

This formation, almost fully formed and on the cusp of completion, teases traders with the tantalizing prospect of a significant movement. However, as with many technical patterns, a crucial event is anticipated before a major buy signal can be solidified: the breakout of the neckline, here highlighted with a vibrant green.

In the wee hours of the European session today, a step was taken toward a more optimistic trajectory. The price neatly broke the upper line of the channel down formation, distinguished by its black line, instilling a spark of optimism among market participants. While this does provide a flicker of bullish hope, the true harbinger of a long-term buy signal lies in the ability of the price to close a day above the green horizontal resistance.

The possibility of such an occurrence is not merely a pipe dream but is backed by a significant chance, substantiating the notion that a close above that resistance would indeed function as a significant, long-term buy signal for EURUSD. Thus, eyes will be keenly fixed on how the pair navigates this technical setup, with traders on standby to react to a potential breakout or retracement.

Source: https://www.axiory.com/analytics/technical-analysis/a-neckline-away-eurusd-s-bullish-prospect-on-the-h