Brent Oil’s Tug of War: Short-term Bearish Potential Amidst a Bullish Landscape

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: August 10 2023, 13:56 GMT+0

Brent Oil’s Tug of War: Short-term Bearish Potential Amidst a Bullish Landscape


The global oil market is always in the spotlight, with its volatile nature offering opportunities for traders and investors alike. In our focus today is Brent oil, a major trading classification of light crude oil that serves as a major benchmark price for purchases worldwide.

Brent oil is currently capturing market attention due to its interaction with a pivotal horizontal resistance level. As the price has flirted with this key barrier, the preliminary outcome seems to favor sellers. However, it’s essential to first highlight Brent’s recent bullish performance. July witnessed a commendable rally for the oil type, and August has continued to shine brightly, with the price even reaching new highs today. This bullish momentum had Brent teasing the yearly high levels, making a foray towards the significant $88 per barrel mark. On your charts, you’ll notice this region highlighted in green, symbolizing its repeated significance. It has acted as a resistance not only this April but also in January and during the final months of the previous year.

What’s intriguing about today’s price action on the daily chart is the formation of a shooting star. For those versed in technical analysis, this is a familiar bearish reversal pattern. This could hint at a potential short-term downward correction. However, let’s not forget the bigger picture. Brent has been enjoying a bullish spree, especially after decisively breaking a long-term downtrend line in July. This provides a positive backdrop against the short-term bearish scenario we’re currently witnessing.

In summary, Brent oil’s current position offers a nuanced trading scenario. As long as the price remains below the green-highlighted resistance, traders might find short-term bearish opportunities. However, if Brent manages to close above this level today, it would provide a compelling reason to adopt a long stance, reflecting confidence in its ongoing upward trajectory.