EURGBP: A Tug of War Between Technicals and Fundamentals

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: July 24 2023, 12:57 GMT+0

EURGBP: A Tug of War Between Technicals and Fundamentals


The EURGBP pair is in the spotlight today, with a compelling blend of technical patterns and fundamental factors shaping its trajectory.

Starting with the fundamental backdrop, the day was punctuated by the release of Manufacturing and Services PMIs from the leading European economies, including the UK. The numbers, unfortunately, disappointed, falling short of market expectations. The silver lining, at least for EURGBP traders, was the balanced nature of this disappointment. Both the Euro and the Pound found themselves under the cloud of these lackluster PMI readings. The result? A somewhat neutralizing effect on the EURGBP, as both currencies were weighed down by their respective data.

Switching our focus to the charts, the technical picture paints an intriguing story. Currently, EURGBP is entangled in its attempt to complete a double bottom formation, a bullish pattern denoted in blue. The ‘neckline’ of this formation, a critical juncture, is highlighted in yellow. Adding another layer of complexity, the price has recently ricocheted off a mid-term downtrend line, distinctly marked in red.

So, what’s the game plan for traders?

Should the price muster the strength to shatter the combined resistance of the yellow neckline and the red downtrend line, and subsequently ascend past the green horizontal resistance, it would herald a robust buy signal. This scenario would confirm the activation of the double bottom formation, suggesting a potential upward rally.

Conversely, if the price falters, repelled by the red downtrend line, and plunges markedly below the yellow zone, traders should be on high alert for a sell signal. Such a move would be interpreted as a false breakout, signifying the rejection of the double bottom pattern, and possibly paving the way for a downward slide.

For now, the scales seem to tip slightly in favor of the bulls, hinting at a higher likelihood of an upward breakout. However, in the ever-evolving world of forex trading, it’s crucial for traders to remain nimble, constantly reassessing the situation and adjusting their strategies accordingly.