Head and Shoulders Pattern Marks a Shift for Oil Prices

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: February 01 2024, 07:19 GMT+0

Head and Shoulders Pattern Marks a Shift for Oil Prices

In today’s market overview, it’s crucial to shine a spotlight on oil, which is currently exhibiting a bearish trend as we transition from January into February. The shift in sentiment can be attributed to a head and shoulders pattern, a classic reversal indicator that has emerged on the chart, delineated in yellow. This pattern’s activation, signaled by the breach of the neckline depicted in red, points towards a sell signal, marking a potential change in direction after a notably bullish second half of January.

Adding weight to the bearish outlook is the breach of a mid-term uptrend line, highlighted in green. This line played a pivotal role in supporting the upward trajectory seen in the latter part of January. With both the head and shoulders pattern activation and the breakdown below this crucial support line, the market is bracing for a potentially extended period of bearish momentum.

The key to reversing this bearish sentiment lies at the black line, which traces the peaks of the head and right shoulder. A breakthrough above this resistance could invalidate the head and shoulders pattern, potentially reinstating a bullish sentiment. However, until such a breakout occurs, the prevailing sell signal remains firmly in place, indicating a cautious outlook for oil in the near term.

Source: https://www.axiory.com/analytics/technical-analysis/head-and-shoulders-pattern-marks-a-shift-for-oil-p