Is It Time to Buy the DAX Bounce?

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: November 02 2023, 07:44 GMT+0

Is It Time to Buy the DAX Bounce?


In the trading spotlight today, we’re casting our gaze upon Germany’s DAX index, where a promising reversal is unfolding. This resurgence in market dynamics owes much to the recent FOMC announcement, which seems to have injected optimism into the equity markets.

Upon inspection of the DAX, we’re met with a scene of technical resurgence. The index is mounting a confident rebound off the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, shaded in orange. Complementing this, a double bottom pattern has emerged, delineated by a striking yellow. This pattern isn’t acting alone; it coincides with a rebound within a wedge pattern, bordered by black lines, signaling a significant buy opportunity. With the DAX reclaiming territory within the wedge, it challenges the upper black line, which if surpassed, could crystallize a robust long-term buy signal.

For those monitoring the pulse of the market, this turn of events presents a compelling narrative: indices, especially the DAX, are on the move, seemingly awakened by the FOMC’s recent decisions. Traders are now poised, watching the upper echelons of the wedge, ready for a potential breakout that could define the trend for times to come.