Is There Hope After Dow Jones’ Steep Fall?

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: October 30 2023, 06:54 GMT+0

Is There Hope After Dow Jones’ Steep Fall?


In today’s market analysis, the spotlight is on the Dow Jones Index, a heavyweight player in the financial arena. The index had a rough close last week, particularly on Friday, which sent waves of concern among investors and traders alike. Prior to this drop, Dow Jones had been clinging on to a key support level—38.2% on the Fibonacci retracement, closely aligning with the 32,900-point mark, emphasized with a grey hue on the chart. For hopeful buyers, this level served as a beacon, hinting at potential rebounds.

However, Friday’s tumultuous session changed the game. The support was shattered, ringing the alarm bells and activating a distinct sell signal for many traders. The backdrop now portrays a somewhat somber picture for the Dow Jones, with the index sinking to lows unseen since March 2023. The pressing question on every investor’s mind: “What next?”

A closer look at the charts suggests that the index may be eyeing levels around the 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement markers. While the current landscape is decidedly bearish, there’s a sliver of hope for the bulls. If Dow Jones can rally and breach the 38.2% Fibonacci level from below and subsequently surpass the green downtrend line, it would indicate a potential reversal. However, given recent trends and prevailing market sentiment, such an optimistic turn seems increasingly elusive.