Will Dow Jones Hold Its Ground Above Pivotal Support?

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: January 25 2024, 06:31 GMT+0

Will Dow Jones Hold Its Ground Above Pivotal Support?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently at a crucial juncture, hovering around a key support level that could significantly influence its near-term market direction. The index had been trading within a sideways pattern since mid-December, and on January 19th, it managed to break out above the horizontal resistance at 37,777 points, marked in green. However, the upward momentum was short-lived, as the index now appears to be forming a pattern resembling a double top, highlighted in orange. Although this pattern deviates slightly from the typical double top – as the second peak is not higher than the first – it still indicates potential bearish implications.

Technical Outlook:

  • Sideways Trend and Breakout: The Dow Jones initially showed signs of a bullish breakout from its sideways trend, surpassing the 37,777-point resistance.
  • Potential Double Top Formation: The index’s recent price action suggests a formation similar to a double top, a bearish reversal pattern, albeit with a slight deviation from its classic structure.
  • Key Support at Play: The pivotal green-marked support at 37,777 points is the line in the sand; holding above this level keeps the bullish outlook intact.
  • Trigger for Bearish Signal: A confirmed breach below this support level, with a daily close beneath, would activate a bearish signal, potentially leading to further declines.

The Dow Jones’ immediate future hinges on its interaction with the 37,777-point support. While currently in a positive stance, a breakdown below this level could switch the sentiment to negative, emphasizing the importance of this support in the short-term market dynamics.

Source: https://www.axiory.com/analytics/technical-analysis/will-dow-jones-hold-its-ground-above-pivotal-suppo