Soaring yields causing massive de-risking

By Peter Bukov|

Published: February 26 2021, 11:03 GMT+0

Soaring yields causing massive de-risking


Equity markets over the globe suffered a steep sell-off yesterday as US bond yields keep rising sharply amid inflation fears.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq suffered its worst day in nearly four months and fell 3.5%. Other indices suffered heavy losses as well.

Meanwhile, gold fell to its lowest since July, posting new cycle lows and confirming the medium-term downtrend. Since yields are spiking, it looks like the long-term trend is over as well, and gold topped in August. A drop to 1,600 US cant be ruled out. Silver was also down notably and fell below 27 USD.

In the FX, the dollar cant catch a break, and every smaller gets sold. It appears the EURUSD pair wants to stay above the 1.20 handle for a long time.

Oil was resilient to yesterday’s sell-off, and the WTI benchmark is trading above 62 USD.