3 heavy volume stocks marlins surface despite calm waters yesterday

Published: January 26 2023, 06:40 GMT+0

3 heavy volume stocks marlins surface despite calm waters yesterday

Terminix Global Holdings, Inc., Enel Américas S.A., Abiomed had the highest volumes yesterday.

A recap of yesterday's session: Markets did not have a clear cut direction — Nasdaq closed at 11,300, a 0.18% change. S&P 500 closed 4,016.22 after a stable day.

Why Trading Volume Matters

Trading volume is simply the total number of shares traded including both buy and sell orders. If a stock has appreciated on high volume, it is more likely to be a sustained move compared to an appreciation with low volume. Typically, high volume trading sessions are considered significant occurrences and closely watched by traders.

Terminix | 482% higher than rolling average

Yesterday's trading volume peaked at 25.88 million shares, thereby blitzing the daily average of 5.37 million by 482%.

The pest control company reached a significant high of $46.98 around 8 months ago but has lost 19% since then. On a negative trend for around 3 months. Terminix's downtrend has seen it decline 7.59% in 19 days

Enel Americas | 3,026% above rolling average

Enel Americas went down to $4.81, after ending Tuesday at $5.05. Overall, a 4.75% move or 24 cents yesterday.

Enel Americas outpaced its average daily trading volume (1 million) with 32.43 million shares traded yesterday.

Abiomed | 506% higher than rolling average

Abiomed had a compelling day yesterday, with 15.70 million shares traded helping the company surpass its average daily volume by 506%.

Abiomed is scheduled to announce earnings results Thursday. The consensus EPS estimate is 1.03 and the consensus revenue estimate is $288.72 million.

— Average trading volume refers to a 21-day rolling average.