3 stocks endured heavy volumes amid market jump Wednesday

Published: November 25 2022, 12:40 GMT+0

3 stocks endured heavy volumes amid market jump Wednesday

Terminix Global Holdings, Inc., Phillips 66 Partners LP, Duke Realty Corp and others reached higher-than-usual trading volumes.

A recap of Wednesday's session: Leading equity indices in the US rose as Nasdaq ended the session at 11,300 after a 0.99% gain. S&P 500 closed the day at 4,027.26, having gained 0.59%.

Why trading volume matters?

Trading volume is simply the total number of shares traded including both buy and sell orders. If a stock has appreciated on high volume, it is more likely to be a sustained move compared to an appreciation with low volume. Typically, high volume trading sessions are considered significant occurrences and closely watched by traders.

Terminix | 482% above rolling average Wednesday's slide leaves Terminix traders hoping for a bounce

Terminix Global Holdings, Inc. outpaced its average daily trading volume (5.37 million) with 25.88 million shares traded Wednesday. Terminix's downtrend has seen it decline 7.59% in 19 days Wednesday's session continued down the same path: during Wednesday's session, Terminix toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $37.87. By the close, the the pest control company suffered a 19 cents or 0.5% loss.

The pest control company is now trading 13.42% below its 3-month high of $46.98. Terminix has a market cap of $4.60 billion with an average daily volume of 5.37 million shares. Terminix expected revenue of $545.27 million with an EPS of 40 cents.

Phillips 66 Partners | 221% higher than rolling average Wednesday Phillips 66 Partners increased by 1.89%, ended the session at $42

Phillips 66 Partners outpaced its average daily trading volume (7.33 million) with 16.20 million shares traded Wednesday. Phillips 66 Partners is on a 10 day bullish run gaining 0 cents (1.89%). Wednesday's session pointed in the same direction — Phillips 66 Partners went up to $42 Wednesday after ending Tuesday at $41.23. Overall, a 1.89% move or 77 cents.

The multifaceted crude oil business has recovered 20.34% since descending to a significant low of $34.26 around 11 months ago. So far in 2022, it has been outperforming the Nasdaq by 51.59%. With an average daily trading volume of 7.33 million shares. Phillips 66 Partners has a forecast of $436.47 million with an EPS of 94.5 cents.

Duke Realty gains 0.48% within $48.11 to $49.26 daily range End of a slump? After 22 days of going down, Duke Realty up 0.48% Wednesday

Recent gains came after 28 days of trading sideways, Wednesday's session shows improvement: Duke Realty moves up 0.48% to close at $48.2 Wednesday.

The US REIT has shed 22.28% over the past three months. So far in 2022, it has been doing worse than the S&P by 6.21%. The company's market cap is $18.56 billion Duke Realty last reported revenue of $280.15 million with an EPS of 27 cents.

— Average trading volume refers to a 21-day rolling average.