3 stocks endured heavy volumes amid market jump Wednesday

Published: November 25 2022, 13:40 GMT+0

3 stocks endured heavy volumes amid market jump Wednesday

Terminix Global Holdings, Inc., Phillips 66 Partners LP, Duke Realty Corp had the highest volumes Wednesday.

Here's an update with information from the last trading session: Leading equity indices in the US rose as Nasdaq ended the session at 11,300 after a 0.99% gain. S&P 500 gained 0.59% and closed at 4,027.26.

Why trading volume matters?

Trading volume is simply the total number of shares traded including both buy and sell orders. If a stock has appreciated on high volume, it is more likely to be a sustained move compared to an appreciation with low volume. Typically, high volume trading sessions are considered significant occurrences and closely watched by traders.

Terminix | 482% above rolling average Risk-off sentiment pushes Terminix to 0.5% loss Wednesday

Wednesday's trading volume peaked at 25.88 million shares, thereby blitzing the daily average of 5.37 million by 482%. Terminix's downtrend has seen it decline 7.59% in 19 days more of the same from Wednesday's session: during Wednesday's session, Terminix toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $37.87. By the close, the the residential and commercial pest control provider suffered a 19 cents or 0.5% loss.

The residential and commercial pest control provider has shed 13.42% over the past three months. The company's market cap is $4.60 billion with an average daily volume of 5.37 million shares. Terminix is forecasted to generate revenues of $545.27 million and EPS of 40 cents.

Phillips 66 Partners | 221% higher than rolling average Phillips 66 Partners opened at $41.93 Wednesday before posting solid session gaining 1.89%

Trading volume peaked at 16.20 million shares Wednesday, thereby obliterating the daily average of 7.33 million by 221%. 10 days and 0 cents of gains are not enough for Phillips 66 Partners. Wednesday's session pointed in the same direction — Phillips 66 Partners went up to $42 Wednesday after ending Tuesday at $41.23. Overall, a 1.89% move or 77 cents.

Having set a significant high of $46.14 11 months ago, the multifaceted crude oil business is trading 20.34% lower. So far in 2022, it has performed better than the Nasdaq by 51.59%. With an average daily trading volume of 7.33 million shares. Phillips 66 Partners has a forecast of $436.47 million with an EPS of 94.5 cents.

Duke Realty levels up 0.48% in Wednesday's session; traders eye opening bell in 49 minutes time End of a slump? After 22 days of going down, Duke Realty up 0.48% Wednesday

Positive signs: after 28 days of being mostly flat Wednesday's session shows improvement: Duke Realty ascends 0.48% to close at $48.2 Wednesday.

The US-based industrial REIT has shed 22.28% over the past three months. So far in 2022, it has been under-performing the S&P 500 by 6.21%. The company has a market cap of $18.56 billion Duke Realty last reported revenue of $280.15 million with an EPS of 27 cents.

— Average trading volume refers to a 21-day rolling average.