3 up-trending stocks stuck in range-bound price action today

Published: November 25 2022, 17:20 GMT+0

3 up-trending stocks stuck in range-bound price action today

MICT, Inc., Mirati Therapeutics, Inc., Shoals Technologies Group, Inc. are at the top of this list of stocks on an uptrend.

Markets are mixed with Dow Jones goes up 0.48%, trading at 34,359. Nasdaq trades at 11,233 after losing 0.46%.

What is an uptrend?

A trend is the overall direction of a market or an asset's trading price over a certain period. An uptrend is when the price is generally pointing upwards; there can be certain periods of time when the price falls, yet the trend remains in an upward direction.

A 15 day uptrend, jumps by 96.92%: MICT trades up 7 cents, approximately 5.79% higher going into close in 39 minutes time

As the session continues, it seems to maintain one direction — the mobile computing specialist closed Wednesday at $1.21. Today, it went up to $1.34 only to drop back, but is still positive overall — trading around $1.28. Micronet Enertec Technologies is on a 15 day uptrend, gaining a total of 96.92%. The trading volume is at 969,027, 321% above the 21-day average of 301,440.

The company has a market cap of $165.84 million with an average daily volume of 301,440 shares. The mobile computing specialist now trading 52.76% above its 3-month low of 42.5 cents. $13.76 million was MICT's last reported revenue with -5 cents being the current EPS.

A 12 day uptrend, increases by 66.67%: Mirati Therapeutics adds 3.36%; sets session high of $99.58

Mirati Therapeutics displays further gains following a recent trend of 12 days and $36.41. today's session so far looks to be heading in the same direction — from an earlier low of $95.31, the US oncology company is on track to end the session around $99.07 after gaining $3.22 compared to last trading session's $95.85 (3.36%).

Ascends for 13 days (+60.78%): Shoals Technologies trades up 36 cents, approximately 1.17% higher going into close in 39 minutes time

13 days and $11.45 of gains are not enough for Shoals Technologies. consistent for now — as the trading session draws to a close Shoals Technologies is ticking higher but remains broadly flat: the electrical balance of system provider is currently trading at $31.24 but remains in a $30.4 – $31.5 range.