A positive trading day has come to its end

Published: September 19 2022, 22:00 GMT+0

A positive trading day has come to its end

  • Top laggard Sotera Health gave up $4.9, or 33.27% today Bright Health had a negative day today (down 9.42%).
  • European markets ended a mixed session today whilst FTSE descends to 7,236.68 (down 0.62%).

Ahead of tomorrow's session: leading equity indices in the US rose as Dow Jones ended the session at 31,020 after a 0.64% gain. S&P 500 gained 0.69% and closed at 3,900. Nasdaq closed the day at 11,535, having gained 0.76%.

US markets are now currently closed and set to reopen tomorrow; meanwhile, a mixed session has ended in the European markets today. Asia-Pacific markets were down today as KOSPI Composite Index is down by 1.14%, goes down to 2,355.66

The earnings season is coming to an end and Adobe and FedEx Corp have release their reports.

Also worthy of note, projections for United States Crude Oil Inventories are set for a continuation of decline with 833,000 while previous data was 2.44 million; data will be released Wednesday.

Also worthy of note, United States Interest Rate is expected Wednesday. United States Building Permits (Aug) scheduled to come out tomorrow at 12:30 UTC.

While most stocks did well today, some did better than others as Outbrain trades at $3.74 having gained 3.6%.

Today's bullishness contained stock stragglers as Sotera Health closed at $9.83 having dropped 33.27%. Bright Health had a negative day today (down 9.42%).

Lethargic Outbrain fails to breach tight $3.46 – $3.76 range

Pointing in a similar direction, today's session was more of the same — after dropping down to $3.46, Outbrain recovers some losses and is currently trading at $3.74. The company's market cap is $208.47 million with an average daily volume of 453,991 shares.

Bright Health has been on a downtrend for 5 days, losing 30 cents, with today's session adding to the run. Daily trading volume (2.44 million shares) increased, making up 133% of the 21-day average (1.83 million).