American Airlines maintains composure within $14.28 to $14.54 range

Published: May 26 2023, 22:55 GMT+0

American Airlines maintains composure within $14.28 to $14.54 range

Today at a glance: American Airlines Group Inc was steady today maintaining a $14.28 – $14.54 range before closing at $14.35.

  • Today's trading volume was 17 million shares which is slightly below the 21-day average of 23.82 million.

With investors awaiting market open in 3 days, today's session was noteworthy in that S&P 500 went up to 4,205.45, making a 1.3% change. While American Airlines remained flat today, the Industrials sector went up by 0.24%.

The leading US airline is now trading 7.58% below its 3-month high of $18.13. The S&P 500 has been doing worse in 2022, it has been passing it by 4%. The company is currently trading with a market cap of $9.37 billion with an average daily trading volume of 23.82 million shares. American Airlines has a forecast of $12.20 billion with an EPS of 6 cents.

Meanwhile, mixed performances were seen by other industrials stocks as Lockheed Martin traded at $448.45 after closing today's trading day at $442.83 (up 1.27%). Boeing gained 1.37%, as it traded at $203.63. General Electric added 1.2% to its value, and traded at $102.74.