Bearish McDonald's declines $1.49 (0.54%)

Published: November 25 2022, 10:55 GMT+0

Bearish McDonald's declines $1.49 (0.54%)

Investors are currently sidelined due to the Thanksgiving holiday but will return to their desks today. Looking back over the previous session Wednesday: the fast food company has almost recovered all its losses from a previous close of $274.76 after dipping down to $272.88 Wednesday.

  • The day's trading volume totalled 2 million shares — lower than the 21-day average of 3.42 million.

The US stock market is set to reconvene later today following Thanksgiving in 3 hours time. S&P 500 went up by 0.59% and closed at 4,027.26. Dow Jones climbed 0.28% and reached 34,200. McDonald's ended the day at $273.27, doing worse than the Consumer Cyclical sector which saw a 0.566% increase this session.

17 days ago the fast food giant reached a significant high of $278.4 but has consequently lost 1.31% since then. The Dow Jones has been doing worse in 2022, it has been passing it by 8.75%. The company's market cap is $200.15 billion with an average daily trading volume of 3.42 million shares. McDonald's expected revenue of $5.69 billion with an EPS of $2.58.

On the other hand, positive performances could be seen by looking at other consumer discretionary stocks as Tesla traded at $183.2 after closing Wednesday's trading day at $169.91 (up 7.82%). Walt Disney was up 2.78%. Alibaba gained 3.3%, as it traded at $78.5.