Bearish Vodafone Group declines 4 cents (0.35%)

Published: January 25 2023, 04:20 GMT+0

Bearish Vodafone Group declines 4 cents (0.35%)

A quick look at yesterday: grinding lower but with no clear-cut direction, the iconic telecoms provider closed the session at $11.32 after forming a distinct $11.28 – $11.38 range.

  • Yesterday's trading volume was 4.27 million shares which is lower than the 21-day average of 7.90 million.

As market participants brought yesterday's session to a close, Nasdaq goes down 0.27% before ending the session at 11,334. Vodafone Group closed lower yesterday, with similar drops noticed throughout the Communication Services sector (down 0.225%).

Vodafone Group hit a significant low of $10.06 around 28 days ago, but has since recovered 12.92%. The Nasdaq has been doing worse in 2022, it has been passing it by 0.89%. The iconic telecoms provider's market cap currently stands at $30.82 billion with an average daily trading volume of 7.90 million shares.

Vodafone Group was not the only decliner in the communication services sector; Alphabet falls 1.98% yesterday to close at $101.21.

On the other hand, positive performances could be seen by looking at other communication services stocks as Verizon gained 2%, as it traded at $40.42. Netflix was up 1.79%.