Bullish sentiment arrives following recent earnings figures among stocks

Published: November 25 2022, 11:10 GMT+0

Bullish sentiment arrives following recent earnings figures among stocks

Oshkosh Corporation, Royal Gold, Inc., Royal Gold, Inc. are the ones to read about today.

Markets were up Wednesday; Nasdaq gained 0.99% and closed at 11,300. S&P 500 ended the session at 4,027.26 after a 0.59% gain.

What is an earnings report?

An earnings report is an official statement of a company's profitability over a certain period of time. Usually, these reports are released four times a year (quarterly reports) and have a significant impact on the market. These announcements are typically taken into consideration when making predictions.

Oshkosh Corporation: EPS of one, Revenue of $2 billion

Following the release of quarterly results, Oshkosh Corporation trades at $92.91.

Though in the midst of a 5 day uptrend, gaining a total of 1.59%, ($2.28), Wednesday's session suggests run might be coming to an end — pronounced bearish sentiment in the market pushed the US industrial truck company into a notable 0.89% slide Wednesday, falling 83 cents and ultimately closing at $92.91. Wednesday's trading volume was 246,078 shares which is lower than the 21-day average of 393,967.

Royal Gold: EPS of 0.71, Revenue of $131.43 million

Royal Gold trades at $110.1 after the company released its quarterly results.

Maintaining its 5 days rise (+$6.53), on-trend Royal Gold closed the session Wednesday with more of the same: Royal Gold moves up 0.57% to close at $110.1 Wednesday. Wednesday's trading volume was 284,086 shares which is under the 21-day average of 440,542.