Calm waters present 3 heavy volume contenders in stocks

Published: November 25 2022, 16:40 GMT+0

Calm waters present 3 heavy volume contenders in stocks

The highest volumes today go to: Terminix Global Holdings, Inc., Phillips 66 Partners LP, Duke Realty Corp.

A short overview of the current market situation: Markets are mixed with Dow Jones up to 34,367, gaining 0.51%. Nasdaq trades at 11,233 after losing 0.46%.

Why Trading Volume Matters

Trading volume is simply the total number of shares traded including both buy and sell orders. If a stock has appreciated on high volume, it is more likely to be a sustained move compared to an appreciation with low volume. Typically, high volume trading sessions are considered significant occurrences and closely watched by traders.

25.88 million traded volume exceeded the daily average by 482%: Terminix currently down 0.5% prior to afternoon session

Terminix Global Holdings, Inc. is having an eventful day so far, currently at 25.88 million and outpacing its average daily volume by 482%. While on a 19 day downtrend, dropping a total of 7.59%, more of the same today: Terminix is down to $37.87, after ending Wednesday at $38.06. Overall, a 0.5% loss or 19 cents today.

The pest control company is now trading 13.42% below its 3-month high of $46.98. The company has a market cap of $4.60 billion with an average daily trading volume of 5.37 million shares. Terminix expected revenue of $545.27 million with an EPS of 40 cents.

Blitzed the average daily volume by 221%: After closing the last session at $41.23, Phillips 66 Partners ascends to $42 (up 77 cents)

A hectic day for Phillips 66 Partners, surpassing its average daily volume by 221% to reach 16.20 million. Phillips 66 Partners is on a 10 day bullish run gaining 0 cents (1.89%). this session seems to remain in the same lane for now — Phillips 66 Partners is up to $42 today after closing Wednesday at $41.23. Overall, a 1.89% move or 77 cents today.

The multidimensional petroleum company is now trading 20.34% above the significant low ($34.26) it slumped to 11 months ago. So far in 2022 it has been beating the Nasdaq by 51.19%. With an average daily volume of 7.33 million shares. Phillips 66 Partners is forecasted to generate revenues of $436.47 million and EPS of 94.5 cents.

Duke Realty climbs 0.48% after trading as low as $48.11 Duke Realty up 0.48% to $48.2 after 28 days of trading sideways

While Duke Realty is on a 28 day stint of flat trade, todays session shows some improvement: after closing the previous trading day at $47.97, Duke Realty is up to $48.2, which makes for a move of 0.48%/23 cents today.

— Average trading volume refers to a 21-day rolling average.