Coinbase currently down 0.87% halfway through today

Published: January 25 2023, 19:16 GMT+0

Coinbase currently down 0.87% halfway through today

Tough session sees the crypto exchange spearhead shedding 0.87% in early trade

Crude Oil Inventories in United States fell short of market expectations (971,000) with a reading of 533,000, continuing the decline from the previous figure of 8.41 million.

Amid the market gloom, United States 5-Year Note Auction released today at 18:00 UTC with a figure of 3.53, while the previous figure was 3.973. Fresh Cushing Crude Oil Inventories data from United States came out at 4.27 million.

In the meantime, negative performances are also seen in other technology stocks as TSM is down to $92.64, losing 2.03%, after ending yesterday at $94.56. After closing the previous session (yesterday) at $177.04, Texas Instruments lost $2.11 and is trading around $174.93.

Positive performances can be seen by looking at other technology stocks as ASML Holding is up 1.61%.

Looking ahead, ongoing depreciation may be prolonged as United States Core Durable Goods Orders projected to decline to -0.2% while previous data was 0.1%; data will be released tomorrow at 13:30 UTC. Projections for United States GDP are set for a continuation of decline with 2.6 while previous data was 3.2; data will be released tomorrow at 13:30 UTC. Tomorrow at 13:30 UTC data for United States Initial Jobless Claims will be released, with an expected decline to 205,000 from the preceding figure of 190,000.

The crypto exchange spearhead has gained 59.39% since its lowest print of $32.53 earlier this year.