Discover the 3 stocks publishing earnings amid bearish market

Published: March 19 2023, 16:10 GMT+0

Discover the 3 stocks publishing earnings amid bearish market

DarioHealth Corp., Oracle, The Toro Company are the ones to read about today.

Leading equity indices in the US declined as after dropping 1.19%, Dow Jones closed at 31,862. S&P 500 lost 1.1% and ended the session at 3,916.64.

What is an earnings report?

An earnings report is an official statement of a company's profitability over a certain period of time. Usually, these reports are released four times a year (quarterly reports) and have a significant impact on the market. These announcements are typically taken into consideration when making predictions.

Markets were down, stocks have released their quarterly earnings reports. Have a look at this rundown.

DarioHealth Corp. moves 0% to close at $4.03 Friday.

The personalized health management firm has fallen back around 45.91% over the past 9 months, from a notable high of $7.45. Currently, the personalized health management firm has a market capitalization of $104.26 million with an average daily trading volume of 157,554 shares.

While Oracle was in the midst of a 6 day downtrend— in which it lost a total of 5%— Friday may indicate a change of direction; Oracle rose 44 cents to close at $85.26 Friday which makes for a move of 0.52%. Oracle bucks the trend and ends the day higher while beating its average trading volume by 106%.

Toro Company's downtrend has seen it decline 8.53% in 3 days Friday's session continued the recent downtrend: during Friday's session, Toro Company toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $106. By the close, the the industrial company suffered a $1.85 or 1.7% loss.

The industrial equipment maker reached a significant high of $116.19 around 2 months ago but has lost 7.18% since then. So far this year, it has been under-performing the Nasdaq by 10.69%. Toro Company is currently trading with a market cap of $11 billion with an average daily volume of 940,453 shares.