Euro-Aussie dollar lost 0.11% Friday, ending at 1.5923

Published: March 19 2023, 11:35 GMT+0

Euro-Aussie dollar lost 0.11% Friday, ending at 1.5923

A quick look at Friday: EUR/AUD ended Friday at 1.5923 following from closing Thursday at 1.594. Overall, this represents a loss of 16 pips or 0.11%.

Euro-Aussie dollar's value drop coincided with the fact that after ending Friday's session at 133.59, USD/JPY lost 178 pips and is trading around 131.8. USD/SGD lost 0.44% Friday and closed at 1.3456. After ending Friday's session at 1.7137, EUR/NZD lost 127 pips and is trading around 1.7009.

Furthermore, as things stand, upcoming Germany Producer Price Index data is projected to fall short of market expectations with newly published data of -1.6%, following on from the preceding figure of -1%. New data is set to be published tomorrow at 07:00 UTC. Euro Zone Trade Balance (Jan) is expected tomorrow at 10:00 UTC. Australia RBA Assist Gov Kent speech scheduled to come out today at 22:10 UTC.

The currency pair has been trending positively for about 28 days. As things stand, Euro-Aussie dollar is 1.54% away from a significant high of 1.619, first set 7 days ago.