Falling for six consecutive days, Chevron ended the session at $152.34 (down 1.26%)

Published: March 19 2023, 12:10 GMT+0

Falling for six consecutive days, Chevron ended the session at $152.34 (down 1.26%)

Friday at a glance: during Friday's session, Chevron toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $152.34. By the close, the the oil and gas company suffered a $1.95 or 1.26% loss.

  • Daily trading volume (33 million shares) was above the current multiday average of 7.62 million.
  • Chevron discloses $1.51 per share dividend to be paid on Friday, March 10th

As market participants brought Friday's session to a close, S&P 500 descends 1.1% before ending the session at 3,916.64. Dow Jones descends 1.19% before ending the session at 31,862. Chevron closed lower Friday, with similar drops noticed throughout the Energy sector (down 0.505%).

The integrated energy and chemicals provider reached a significant high of $188.05 around 4 months ago but has lost 17.95% since then. So far this year, it has been doing worse than the Dow by 4.93%. The company is currently trading with a market cap of $290.46 billion with an average daily volume of 7.62 million shares. Chevron is forecasted to generate revenues of $54.72 billion and EPS of $4.16.

Also, the firm paid out a quarterly dividend of $1.51 per share on Friday, March 10th to all active shareholders as of Thursday, February 16th. Eligible investors secured a quarterly dividend yield of 3.96% for this year.

Chevron was not the only decliner in the energy sector; Exxon Mobil went down 1.18%, closed at $101.03. BP lost 1.26% Friday and closed at $35.17.