Find which stocks outperformed despite Friday's bearish mood

Published: March 19 2023, 16:07 GMT+0

Find which stocks outperformed despite Friday's bearish mood

Against the current: Markets slid, yet KE Holdings Inc., Life Storage, Inc., Duke Realty Corp went up and made this list of Friday's top real_estate stocks gainers.

Leading equity indices in the US declined as Dow Jones was down 1.19% before closing the session at 31,862. S&P 500 slipped 1.1% and closed at 3,916.64.

Despite markets falling Friday, some real_estate stocks managed to post gains. Have a look at these Top Gainers.

KE Holdings | Closed +4.8% at $19

KE Holdings has posted further gains as part of a 3 day trend that has already seen the stock gain $1.27. Friday continued on the same track for KE Holdings — KE Holdings rose 89 cents to close at $19 Friday which makes for a move of 4.8%.

Duke Realty | Closed +0.48% at $48.2

The US REIT is now trading 26.6% below the significant high of $65.35 it set around 7 months ago. $280.15 million was Duke Realty's last reported revenue with 27 cents being the current EPS.

+0.92%: Life Storage levels up 0.92% in Friday's session; traders eye opening bell in 21 hours time

Life Storage goes up 0.92% to close at $121.19 Friday. Currently, the self-administered and self-managed equity REIT has a market capitalization of $10.31 billion with an average daily volume of 1.19 million shares. The Nasdaq has been doing worse in 2022, it has been passing it by 16.49%.