Ford Motors dropped by 4.4% and closed the session at $11.3

Published: March 19 2023, 17:31 GMT+0

Ford Motors dropped by 4.4% and closed the session at $11.3

A quick look at Friday: during Friday's session, Ford Motor Co toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $11.3. By the close, the the US automaker suffered a 52 cents or 4.4% loss.

  • Daily trading volume (249.54 million shares) was higher than the current multiday average of 66.32 million.
  • Ford discloses 15 cents per share dividend to be paid on Wednesday, March 1st

With around 19 hours until market open on the New York Stock Exchange, Friday's session saw to it that S&P 500 dropped by 1.1% to close at 3,916.64. Ford Motors was down Friday while similar drops were seen throughout the Consumer Cyclical sector (down 0.647%).

The US automaker is now trading 11.53% below its 3-month high of $17.75. So far this year, it has performed better than the S&P by 2.25%. Ford Motors's market cap is currently $44.24 billion with an average daily trading volume of 66.32 million shares. $44.00 billion was Ford Motors's last reported revenue with 51 cents being the current EPS.

Based on current prices, Ford Motors shareholders are currently earning an annual dividend yield of 5.31% after the company distributed a quarterly dividend of 15 cents per share for all eligible shareholders as of Monday, February 13th. The most recent payment was made on Wednesday, March 1st.

Ford was not the only decliner in the consumer discretionary sector; Toyota went down 1.78%, closed at $135.9. McDonald's dips 1.25% Friday to close at $270.57. Walt Disney slips 1.16% Friday to close at $94.29.