Full throttle for these 3 stocks as uptrends break new ground

Published: November 25 2022, 10:20 GMT+0

Full throttle for these 3 stocks as uptrends break new ground

GoHealth, Inc., MICT, Inc., Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. and others have been on an uptrend.

Leading equity indices in the US rose as Nasdaq ended the session at 11,300 after a 0.99% gain. S&P 500 gained 0.59% and closed at 4,027.26.

What is an uptrend?

A trend is the overall direction of a market or an asset's trading price over a certain period. An uptrend is when the price is generally pointing upwards; there can be certain periods of time when the price falls, yet the trend remains in an upward direction.

An 8 day uptrend, ascends by 2,270%: GoHealth gains 2.03%; sets session high of $9.39

GoHealth, Inc. continues an 8 day uptrend, gaining a total of 2,270%. on-trend GoHealth closed the session Wednesday with more of the same: generally flat but with a slight bullish bias, GoHealth ranged between $8.77 and $9.39 before closing higher at $9.03. Wednesday's trading volume was 130,803 shares which is below the 21-day average of 1.33 million.

Shoots up for 15 days and gaining 86.15%: Micronet Enertec Technologies ended Wednesday at $1.21, a 15.24% increase

15 days and 40 cents of gains were not enough. it was more of the same for Micronet Enertec Technologies Wednesday — after ending Tuesday's session at $1.05, Micronet Enertec Technologies went up to $1.22 Wednesday only to fall back and close at $1.21. Daily trading volume (1.30 million shares) was higher than the current multiday average of 301,440.

Rallies for 12 days and going up 61.26%: Mirati Therapeutics opened at $87.92 Wednesday before posting solid session gaining 11.31%

12 days and $26.67 of gains are not enough for Mirati Therapeutics. Mirati Therapeutics lived up to expectations Wednesday by maintaining its set course — an influx of buyers helped the US oncology company to end the session higher around $95.85, while establishing a $86.38 to $95.95 session range Wednesday. Daily trading volume (2.83 million shares) was above the current multiday average of 1.33 million.