Here are today's most significant gainers in stocks

Published: September 17 2022, 10:00 GMT+0

Here are today's most significant gainers in stocks

Ripple is leading the way, gaining 1.64%

Current market events are being influenced by ambiguous macro data as United States TIC Net Long-Term Transactions (Jul) released yesterday at 20:00 UTC with a figure of 21.4 billion, while the previous figure was 121.8 billion.

PetroChina | Down 0.51%

PetroChina Company Limited stumbles 0.51% to close at $47.09 yesterday. Yesterday's trading volume was 183,179 shares which is below the 21-day average of 322,249.

PowerFleet | +6.08%; now at $3.14

PowerFleet is on a 4 day uptrend, gaining a total of 12.54%. PowerFleet lived up to expectations yesterday by maintaining its set course — generally flat but with a slight bullish bias, PowerFleet ranged between $2.94 and $3.14 before closing higher at $3.14. The day's trading volume totalled 32,155 shares — slightly under the 21-day average of 40,021.

Ripple | Down 1.64%

XRP slides down from $0.355 to $0.35 today, losing $0.006 (1.64%).