Here are today's most significant gainers in stocks

Published: September 20 2022, 15:00 GMT+0

Here are today's most significant gainers in stocks

XRP leading the pack after gaining 1.28%

This limbo state is reflected by published market data as United States Building Permits (Aug) released today at 12:30 UTC with a figure of 1.52 million, while the previous figure was 1.69 million.

Cognex | +8.27%; now at $45.17

Cognex traded as high as $91.73 before shedding 41.77% lower over the past six months. So far in 2022, it has been doing worse than the Nasdaq by 8.51%. Cognex's market cap currently stands at $7.83 billion with an average daily volume of 1 million shares. Cognex's last revenue report was $274.63 million with an EPS of 34 cents.

Innoviz | +9.48%; now at $6.07

Innoviz hit a significant low of $2.94 around 4 months ago, but has since recovered 88.44%. Innoviz has a market cap of $821.74 million with an average daily trading volume of 1.46 million shares. $1.8 million was Innoviz's last reported revenue with -21 cents being the current EPS.

Ripple | +1.28%; now at $0.393

After dipping down to $0.373, XRP regains earlier losses and goes up to $0.393.