Imminent price targets among stocks following yesterday's bullish session

Published: May 27 2023, 06:50 GMT+0

Imminent price targets among stocks following yesterday's bullish session

Read up on SAP, JBG SMITH Properties, Globe Life Inc as they approach key price targets in the near term.

Here's an update with information from the last trading session: Markets were up yesterday; Nasdaq closed the day at 12,976, having gained 2.19%. S&P 500 gained 1.3% and closed at 4,205.45.

What is a Price Target?

A "price target" is an estimate of the future price of a stock based on earnings forecasts and assumed valuation multiples. Price targets are typically generated by respected market analysts who believe a stock to be fairly valued relative to its projected and historical earnings. Target prices are used to evaluate stocks and can help investors evaluate the potential risk/reward profile of a stock. Let's review some stocks and their price targets.

Buyers pushing SAP towards its price target of $131.59; currently at $131.41

SAP's run now faces a challenge at $131.59, which is only 18 cents away from the line. Overcoming it might send the company towards their next major resistance line— this will surely be interesting to follow.

SAP has posted further gains as part of a 3 day trend that has already seen the stock gain 23 cents. SAP pointed in the same direction yesterday: pronounced bullish sentiment in the market helped the German software developer to make a notable 1.52% gain yesterday, rising $1.97 and ultimately closing at $131.41. The day's trading volume totalled 802,763 shares — slightly below the 21-day average of 916,062.

Buyers pushing JBG SMITH towards its price target of $14.14; currently at $14.1

It will be interesting to follow how JBG SMITH's run now faces a challenge at $14.14, which is only 4 cents away.

After ending Thursday at $13.9, JBG SMITH spiked to $14.19 yesterday, dropped back to starting point range, and rallied again to $14.1. Trading volume totalled 1.49 million which equates to around 75% of the stock's 21-day average yesterday.

Globe Life | Price Target: $105.16 approx 8 cents away; Current Price: $105.24 Session Low: $104.94 Session High: $106 | Off Hours: $105.24

Globe Life's bearish trend is facing a possible turning point at $105.16, which is only 8 cents away. Will be interesting to follow.

Globe Life's bearish run has lasted 7 days so far (-$3.44). yesterday's session continued down the same path: the Texan insurer has recovered almost all of its session losses after dipping down to $104.94 yesterday. Daily trading volume (566,767 shares) increased, making up 118% of the 21-day average (481,518).