Markets fall as trading session comes to a close

Published: September 20 2022, 20:00 GMT+0

Markets fall as trading session comes to a close

  • Sotera Health moves 16.58% as session draws to a close As things stand, Taboola (down 5.63%) and Bright Health (down 5.59%) are underperforming today
  • European markets are down as CAC is currently down 1.35% and trading around 5,979.47.

With the trading session drawing to a close, the leading indices are falling — Dow Jones drawing back 1.08% to 30,700. S&P 500 trades at 3,853 after losing 1.2%. Nasdaq slipping 1.03% and closing at 11,417.

European markets are showing losses. Asia-Pacific session in progress; markets are rising as ASX 200 added 1.29% to trade at 6,806.4.

The earnings season is coming to an end and Adobe & FedEx Corp have release their reports.

Amid the market gloom, United States Building Permits (Aug) released today at 12:30 UTC with a figure of 1.52 million, while the previous figure was 1.69 million. United States 20-Year Bond Auction released today at 17:00 UTC with a figure of 3.82, while the previous figure was 3.38. United States Housing Starts (Aug) came out at 1.57 million, while a consensus of analysts was expecting 1.45 million.

Looking ahead, ongoing depreciation may be prolonged as tomorrow at 14:30 UTC data for United States Crude Oil Inventories will be released, with an expected decline to 2.32 million from the preceding figure of 2.44 million. Projections for United States Initial Jobless Claims are set for a continuation of decline with 218,000 while previous data was 213,000; data will be released Thursday.

Furthermore, United States Interest Rate is expected tomorrow at 18:00 UTC.

Sotera Health is currently trading at $8.2 after declining 16.58%. As things stand, Taboola (down 5.63%), Bright Health (down 5.59%) are also underperforming today.

Bright Health sheds 5.59%; sets session low of $1.13

Similar trend today: as the current session draws to a close, Bright Health is hovering around the $1.18 level after closing yesterday at $1.25 and dropping by 5.59%. The company's market cap is $743.11 million with an average daily volume of 1.90 million shares. So far in 2022, it has been doing worse than the Nasdaq by 29.14%.

Sotera Health is around $8.2 after losing 16.58%

More of the same today: Sotera Health ended yesterday at $9.83 and dropped 16.58% today as it reaches the end of the current session. Sotera Health's market cap currently stands at $2.32 billion with an average daily trading volume of 2.24 million shares.