Meet the top gaining stocks lifted by yesterday's bullish sentiment

Published: May 27 2023, 02:07 GMT+0

Meet the top gaining stocks lifted by yesterday's bullish sentiment

Bright Health Group Inc., Compugen Ltd., Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd. made yesterday's list of top gainers.

Leading equity indices in the US rose as Nasdaq gained 2.19% and closed at 12,976. S&P 500 closed the day at 4,205.45, having gained 1.3%.

Yesterday's rise took place amid mixed market indicators — data from United States concerning Core Durable Goods Orders was released yesterday at 12:30 UTC. Newly published figures emphasized continued decline from last month's figure of 0.3% to -0.2% this month.

Have a look at yesterday's biggest gainers:

+45.85%: Bright Health levels up 45.85% in yesterday's session; traders eye opening bell in 3 days time

Pronounced bullish sentiment in the market helped the US health insurance company to make a notable 45.85% gain yesterday, rising $3.7 and ultimately closing at $11.77. Bright Health's market cap is currently $93.59 million with an average daily volume of 7.37 million shares. So far this year, it has been beating the Nasdaq by 291.68%.

Compugen | -10.7% yesterday including 2.83% gain in aftermarket trade

Compugen has posted further gains as part of a 7 day trend that has already seen the stock gain 19.75 cents. Compugen lived up to expectations yesterday by maintaining its set course — after ending Thursday at 95.75 cents, Compugen went up to $1.18 only to drop back, yet still traded well overall and closed at $1.06 yesterday.

Sol Gel Technologies | Closed +8.11% at $3.6

Sol Gel Technologies rose 27 cents to close at $3.6 yesterday which makes for a move of 8.11%.