Market Updates

After three days of declines, the Cocoa future is up $23 today

After closing the previous trading day at $2,884, Cocoa is up to $2,907 per metric tonne, which […]

After five sombre days of declines, Visa Inc. was up 0.35% today

Today at a glance: Visa Inc. rose 77 cents to close at $221.81 today which makes for […]

AT&T closes at $18.87 after gaining 1.4%

Today at a glance: AT&T goes up 1.4% to close at $18.87 today. Trading volume totalled 20.63 […]

Energy in focus as bullish WTI crude posts 5.24% gain

After closing the previous trading day at $69.26, Crude Oil is up to $72.89 per barrel, which […]

Is it the end of Sterling-Canadian dollar's rally? After four days of gains, it is down by 0.23% today

GBP/CAD is down to 1.6773, after ending Friday at 1.6811. Overall, a 0.23% loss or 38 pips […]

The Cotton future set for strong finish this afternoon; up 3.92% to $79.54 per pound with 39 minutes before close

After closing the previous trading day at $76.54, Cotton is up to $79.54 per pound, which makes […]

Mixed sentiment sees Euro-Pound currency pair ending the session broadly flat; establishes tight 0.8774 to 0.8812 range

EUR/GBP is down to 0.8789, after ending Friday at 0.8796. Overall, a 0.08% loss or 7 pips […]

After four days of going up, iShares Gold Trust went down 34 cents today and closed at $37.12, indicating a potential change of course

A quick look at today: iShares Gold Trust goes down 0.91% to close at $37.12 today. Other […]

EUR/NZD currency pair adds 86 pips or 0.5%

After closing the previous trading day at 1.7332, EUR/NZD is up to 1.7418, which makes for a […]