Presenting 3 of today's most bullish stocks

Published: September 30 2022, 16:00 GMT+0

Presenting 3 of today's most bullish stocks

Ripple leading the pack after gaining 1.69%

This limbo state is reflected by published market data as United States Core PCE Price Index (MoM) (Aug) released today at 12:30 UTC with a figure of 0.6, while the previous figure was 0.1.

Denali Therapeutics | +8.5% at $31.78

Denali Therapeutics trades at $31.78 today, after closing yesterday at $29.29 and gaining $2.49 (8.5%).

Biotech Bull and Bear 3X ETF | +9.29% at $7.53

LABU got off to a strong start by gaining 63.99 cents (+9.29%), only to run out of steam later in the session around $7.73. Currently, LABU is trading around the $7.53 level.

Ripple | Currently down 1.69% at $0.477

10 months ago Ripple reached a significant high of $1.29 but has consequently lost 62.3% since then. XRP has a market cap of 23.82 billion with an average daily volume of 7.79 million.