Risk-off mood drags ICE Cotton 2.02% lower

Published: March 19 2023, 11:10 GMT+0

Risk-off mood drags ICE Cotton 2.02% lower

A quick look at Friday: Cotton ended Friday at $77.56 per pound following from closing Thursday at $79.16. Overall, this represents a loss of $1.6 or 2.02%.

The Cotton future's value drop coincided with the fact that Coffee decreases 1.89% Friday and closed at $180.05. Sugar goes down 0.43% Friday and closed at $20.76.

Positive performances can be seen by looking at other Softs markets as Cocoa rises 1.86% Friday and closed at $2,688.

The commodity has been trending lower for about 2 months. ICE Cotton has fallen back around 48.89% over the past 10 months, from a notable high of $154.89.