Risk-on mood pushes the DAX 1.2% higher

Published: May 27 2023, 07:21 GMT+0

Risk-on mood pushes the DAX 1.2% higher

Yesterday at a glance: DAX rose 183.97 points to close at 15,984 yesterday which makes for a move of 1.2%.

Meanwhile, Euro Zone CFTC EUR speculative net positions released yesterday at 20:30 UTC with a figure of 173,700, while the previous figure was 187,100. Data from France concerning Jobseekers Total was released yesterday at 10:00 UTC. Newly published figures emphasized continued decline from last month's figure of 2.79 million to 2.80 million this month.

Other markets are also showing gains as Nasdaq went up by 2.19% yesterday, and closed at 12,976. Notably, S&P 500 rose 1.3% yesterday and closed at 4,151.28.

At the same time, Hang Seng lost 1.93% yesterday and closed at 19,100.

The index has been trending positively for about 2 months. The DAX hit a significant low of 15.42 around 8 months ago, but has since recovered 102,324%.