Risk-on mood pushes the Dow 0.28% higher

Published: November 25 2022, 12:20 GMT+0

Risk-on mood pushes the Dow 0.28% higher

Trading is currently halted for Thanksgiving but will resume today. Meanwhile, here is a recap of Wednesday: after closing at 34,200 Wednesday, Dow Jones maintained a strong bullish bias that helped the stock close higher at 34,200. However, market bears ensured the the Dow topped out at 34,262 and that by the end of the session, the market had marked out a distinct 34,000 to 34,262 range.

Having set a significant high of 36,800 a month ago, the Dow is trading 18.7% lower.

Other markets are also showing gains as Nasdaq went up by 0.99% Wednesday, and closed at 11,300. S&P 500 added 0.59% and closed around 4,003.58 Wednesday. Notably, FTSE rose 0.26% Wednesday and closed at 7,466.6.