Risk-on mood pushes the Dow 0.28% higher

Published: November 25 2022, 12:51 GMT+0

Risk-on mood pushes the Dow 0.28% higher

Trading is currently halted for Thanksgiving but will resume today. Meanwhile, here is a recap of Wednesday: hesitant but grinding higher: Dow Jones closed at 34,200 after ranging between 34,000 and 34,262.

Having set a significant high of 36,800 a month ago, the Dow is trading 18.7% lower.

The Dow shows positive signs, other assets are also on par: notably, Nasdaq rose 0.99% Wednesday and closed at 11,174. S&P 500 added 0.59% and closed around 4,003.58 Wednesday. FTSE went up by 0.25% Wednesday, and closed at 7,485.