See which stocks are the top gainers amid today's bullish sentiment

Published: September 21 2022, 16:00 GMT+0

See which stocks are the top gainers amid today's bullish sentiment

Most markets are higher this morning as risk-on sentiment dominates: Upstart Holdings, Inc., General Mills Inc, Carvana Co. are showing impressive gains as we move into the afternoon trading session.

The leading indices are showing gains — Dow Jones up 0.45%, trading at 30,846. S&P 500 up to 3,875.35, gaining 0.5%.

Today's rise takes place amid mixed market indicators — following a previous reading of 2.44 million, Crude Oil Inventories in United States released today at 14:30 UTC fell short of the 2.16 million figure expected by analysts with an actual reading of 1.14 million.

Carvana Co. | +6.17% at $32.88

Carvana Co. has shed $295.53 points and is languishing 90.51% lower over the past year, leaving its yearly highs around $326.5 in the rear-view mirror. So far in 2022, it has been under-performing the Nasdaq by 48.5%. Carvana Co.'s market cap currently stands at $5.84 billion with an average daily trading volume of 7.43 million shares. Carvana Co.'s last revenue report was $3.88 billion with an EPS of $-2.35.

General Mills | +6.4% at $80.24

General Mills is on a 6 day bullish run gaining $1.06 (7.92%). Consistent for now — after closing yesterday at $75.41, General Mills went up to $81.04 only to drop back some of the way, and is now trading at $80.24.

The company reported mixed earnings results today, with EPS at 1.11 and revenues at $4.71 billion, compared to a consensus of 0.9925 Earnings Per Share and $4.72 billion revenue.

Upstart Holdings | +8.16% at $24.91

Upstart Holdings is now trading 94.09% below the significant high of $390 it set around 11 months ago. So far in 2022, it has been doing worse than the Nasdaq by 45.5%. Upstart Holdings is currently trading with a market cap of $2 billion with an average daily volume of 6.46 million shares. $228.16 million was Upstart Holdings's last reported revenue with 1 cents being the current EPS.