See which stocks are the top losers amid today's bearish sentiment

Published: September 20 2022, 18:00 GMT+0

See which stocks are the top losers amid today's bearish sentiment

Right now, the markets are still pointing down with Sotera Health Company, Ford Motor Co, Iron Mountain Inc dropping and making today's list of top losers.

Here is where today's session currently stands: the leading indices are dropping — Dow Jones trades at 30,477 after losing 1.75%. S&P 500 drawing back 1.82% to 3,828.77.

While price action maintains a negative bias, United States Building Permits (Aug) released today at 12:30 UTC with a figure of 1.52 million, while the previous figure was 1.69 million.

-12%: a bad day for Ford Motors, losing 12%

Ford trades at $13.13 after dropping by 12% ($1.79), its largest single-day drop since March 2020. Today's losses are adding to a 6 day bearish run, during which Ford Motors lost 61 cents of its value. The trading volume is at 138.61 million, 238% above the 21-day average of 58.14 million.

-9.61%: Iron Mountain is on its way to worst day, dropping by $5.4

Iron Mountain down by $5.4 (9.61%). This is the largest single day drop since June 2013. As things stand, trading volume is at 2.77 million, above the 21-day average of 1.71 million.

-15.56%: Sotera Health currently down 15.56% prior to afternoon session

More of the same today: Sotera Health drops 15.56% in early trade and remains within touching distance of the $8.3 level. Sotera Health's market cap is currently $2.35 billion with an average daily volume of 2.24 million shares.