Steady the FTSE maintains holding pattern around 7,472.4

Published: November 25 2022, 15:31 GMT+0

Steady the FTSE maintains holding pattern around 7,472.4

Although FTSE ended yesterday strong and rose from 7,466.6 to 7,497.23, it dropped back today and is now priced at 7,472.4.

The FTSE's state is reflected by market data as United Kingdom CBI Industrial Trends Orders (Nov) released yesterday at 11:00 UTC with a figure of -5, while the previous figure was -4.

At the same time, mixed performances are seen elsewhere as Hang Seng is down 87.32 points from the beginning of the session and now trades around 17,574. Having closed the previous session at 7,241.8, ASX 200 is up 0.24% today to currently trade at around 7,259.5. Dow Jones improves 0.39% to trade around 34,328.

Data to be released later is expected to clarify investor sentiment while boosting price action volatility as United Kingdom CFTC GBP speculative net positions scheduled to come out today at 19:30 UTC.

The index has been trending positively for about a month. The FTSE is up 9.38% from the significant low of 6,826.2 it hit a month ago.