Today's 3 price targets among stocks

Published: November 25 2022, 14:50 GMT+0

Today's 3 price targets among stocks

Read up on Costco, PVH Corp, ASML Holding as they approach key price targets in the near term.

What is happening with the market now? Markets are mixed with Nasdaq drawing back 0.52% to 11,226. Dow Jones up to 34,281, gaining 0.26%.

What is a Price Target?

A price target is the projection of an asset's future price. Support and resistance lines are important components of technical analysis used in predicting a price target because they prevent an asset from being pushed beyond a certain limit. When an asset drops in value it nears its support line, and when it increases in value it comes closer to its resistance line. Assets that are on a trend and are approaching one of their lines are selected for this article.

Costco is trading at $533.94, its target level is $531

Costco is eyeing the $531 support line.

On a 16 day uptrend, today's session might suggest a slow down — Costco trades at $533.94, after ending Wednesday at $534.49.

Maintaining its 3 days rise (+$2.98), this session seems to remain in the same lane for now — after closing the previous trading day at $61.73, PVH is up to $62.11, which makes for a move of 0.62%/38 cents today.

PVH Corp is scheduled to announce earnings results Thursday. The consensus EPS estimate is 2.14 and the consensus revenue estimate is $2.23 billion.

ASML active price target: $588.19; currently at $594.9

ASML could begin to recover as it approaches significant support, now $6.71 away from $588.19. Dipping below could be an indication that further losses are ahead.

During a 6 day uptrend, ASML gained a total of $27.15, or 3.16%. bucking the trend and turning lower, ASML is down to $594.9, after ending Wednesday at $603.85. Overall, a 1.48% loss or $8.95 today.