Unilever sheds 1.15% within $48.97 to $49.37 daily range

Published: March 19 2023, 08:56 GMT+0

Unilever sheds 1.15% within $48.97 to $49.37 daily range

Friday at a glance: during Friday's session, Unilever toiled and struggled for upward momentum before closing at $49.15. By the close, the the renowned consumer goods conglomerate suffered a 57 cents or 1.15% loss.

Unilever was not the only decliner in the consumer staples sector; Anheuser-Busch decreases 1.48% Friday to close at $60.81. PepsiCo went down to $175.13, losing 0.78% after it closed at $176.51 Friday.

On the other hand, positive performances could be seen by looking at other consumer staples stocks as Walmart was up 0.81%.

On a negative trend for around a month. Over the past a month, the British consumer goods company has retreated 4.18% from a noteworthy peak of $51.89.